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July 2019 Aide of the Month - Alessia Peterson

When asked how she handles the ups and downs of the job of being a Personal Care Aide, Alessia Peterson said she’s never had any downs----being a CCOR Aide has been nothing but ups. This isn’t luck. It’s Alessia herself. Her unwavering attitude of positivity and her compassionate nature make her a delight to be around, not to mention our July Aide of the Month.

When Alessia walks in the door to her client’s house, she brings with her an arsenal of joy, determined to brighten their day. “You don’t know what someone else is going through inside. Some people won’t share,” she says. “They’ll ball it all up inside. And then when you come around, if you have a good attitude and a good spirit, you could really make them forget about their troubles.” Her compassionate nature has made her a favorite with her clients. “It really warms my heart to know that someone not only looks forward to seeing me every day but loves seeing me every day.” Alessia gives her best because she knows she herself could someday be in the same situation of need. Her philosophy is, "The way you treat people is the way others will treat you. I'm a strong believer in that."

The caring CCOR culture suits Alessia’s personality beautifully. She deeply appreciates the welcoming atmosphere and understanding staff. (Shout out to the schedulers she’s had the honor of working with—lots of love, Jen and Cynthia!)

In her free time, Alessia is a source of joy and love to those around her. She is the proud mother of a 12-year-old son and the owner of a small business making waist beads. Waist beads are a string of small brightly colored beads on elastic worn around the waist to detect weight loss. A tightening or loosening of the beads is a gentle and lovely reminder of a change in eating habits. Her successful side business not only gives her a creative outlet but allows her the joy of empowering women to make healthy changes.

Alessia is an example of the kind of compassion the world needs more of. Her smiling, happy personality cheers everyone she meets. Recently one of her clients said “I don’t know what I’d do without you.” Neither do we, Alessia.

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