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Staying Strong: CCOR State of the Company

I think we can all agree that recent months have been nothing but challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic presented us with unprecedented obstacles. I’d like to say thank you to all of our employees for meeting these challenges and moving past them. You’ve shown just how strong of a company we are.

Back to Work:

As a part of the statewide reopening of businesses, the leadership team developed a plan to bring our employees back into the office safely. Here is a rundown of that plan: Before coming to work, all employees must answer questions regarding COVID-19 and any symptoms they might have. Upon arrival, all employees are temperature checked at the main door. We worked out A and B day schedules, so that only half our workforce is in the office at any one time. Employees who choose to may continue to work from home. The office looks a little different, too (“a little” being an understatement). Blue tape markers and one-way arrows are all over the office to help encourage social distancing. Signs indicating maximum capacity are posted for every room. Each employee has been given a cloth mask, which they are required to wear whenever they get up from their workstation. Employees have also been given hand sanitizer and a spray bottle and paper towels to keep their workstation disinfected every day. Hand sanitizer dispensers have been installed in all offices, and employees are encouraged to use them as well as to wash their hands regularly.

EOS: Our Good Luck Charm:

The good news is that EOS, our company operating system, is working in our favor. The fact that we implemented EOS prior to the pandemic was a stroke of good luck. This quarter we were able to process 135 separate issues, many of which were COVID-19-related but many weren’t. EOS provided us a platform to dive in to those COVID-19 issues while maintaining accountability for our other goals and issues so that they didn’t slip through the cracks. During the first quarter, despite challenges, we accomplished all but two of our 25 company Rocks, which, in my opinion, is simply amazing.

The foundation that EOS laid out for us not only helped us deal with this pandemic but kept the company moving forward. We’ve been able to maintain nearly as many recruits coming in the door during the pandemic as we did before it. We are one of the few agencies that I know of (if not the only agency in this region) that continued to take on new cases. That is a huge accomplishment and testament to all of you who were able to make it happen. That was the reason my dad started this business—to be there when other companies couldn’t, to be able to say yes when others said no. We’ve been able to do that, and for that, I am extremely proud.

Looking Forward:

This was supposed to be a year of expansion for us and we set lofty goals. Meeting those goals is going to be very challenging, but I believe we can get there, especially if we continue to find new and inventive ways to bring on cases, to keep employees working, and to continue to expand our family. As we reevaluate our Rocks for the next couple quarters, we will choose goals that will push the company forward.

Thanks to the early work of my father, CCOR is a strong company today. He not only reinvested in the company but made sure that he was always looking for ways to strengthen our position. Though I don’t know what the future holds for Companion Care of Rochester or for the world in general, I do know that we are better equipped to handle it than many.

So while COVID-19 has changed us, it has not defeated us. While we continue to act in ways that are different and challenging to stay safe, it will not change who we are. It will only show the character of the people in this organization and because of that, we will succeed.

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