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  • Chris Gauvin

2021 2nd Quarter State of the Company

So far, 2021 has been a test of our strength and focus. The ongoing complications of COVID-19 combined with the stresses of running a home care business in today's marketplace have been a challenge. Through it all, our team continues to solve the problem.

Q2 Highlights:

New LHCSA Advisory Board: We established an advisory board to get feedback from our staff out in the field. This board will help us stay connected to the needs and challenges of the staff as they navigate their unique work environments.

New Brand: This past quarter, we launched a new name and logo. This was a change that was a long time in the making. When I first came to CCOR, the first thing I did was revamp our brand. I worked with two associates, one I paid off in beer and the other one was $75. That was 11 years ago and to think it lasted this long is impressive. I always thought that project could have come out better, and now it finally is. The new updated look and feel is exactly what we need to grow and become the best agency in Western New York. The process of developing something new is incredibly challenging, especially when it affects so many people, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Defining ourselves as Blossom is going to establish us as the company that we truly are, now and into the future. We're already seeing positive benefits from it on the recruiting side and on some of our engagements with outside companies. All of the vendors that I've spoken to love the brand and are engaged with it. I want to thank the marketing team for all their hard work, and for everyone who was able to participate and give input. I could not be more pleased. Everything I've seen of the brand is fresh and appealing, and I'm excited to see where it takes us.

Looking forward:

Communication: Due to feedback from clients, we are improving our communication methods in order to be more reachable and available to our clients.

Private Pay: We are expanding our private pay services, which will provide even more stability to the company and help us to offer better pay to our staff.

Evaluating Benefits: We are going to make sure the benefits we offer our staff are the most advantageous and valuable they can be.

During the past year and a half, everyone across the globe has been faced with similar problems and challenges. The fact that we have done so well is a testament to all of you. It gives me confidence that no matter what comes, we will stay focused and overcome.



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