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August 2022 Aide of the Month —Katesha Robertson

"I would just like to say that Blossom is kind of amazeballs!" says our August Aide of the month, Katesha Robertson. Katesha has been a part of the Blossom team for four years and has loved working for a company that is there for its employees. “I’ve come across some agencies that were kind of unprofessional when it comes to the workplace. When I have a problem, it’s easy to get in touch with someone [at Blossom].” For over 10 years, Katesha has been working as an Aide. She began her journey working as a CDPAP Attendant for her grandmother. Before working as an Aide, she worked in retail and as a manager in the food industry.

Katesha has always admired the older generation and all the wisdom they possess from lived experiences. A desire to learn, meet new people, and work hands-on were combining factors that led her to a career as an Aide. Her favorite part of the job is meeting clients from diverse backgrounds that each have a unique story to tell. “You get to meet some sweet people, some really, really sweet people, you get to see different things like people with different disabilities, like one guy I took care of, he was blind, another one who had MS…” Once she meets a new client, Katesha enjoys speaking with them and getting to know them on a more personal level.

As someone who loves nature, Katesha treasures spending time with her clients outdoors and seeing all the cute critters! With one client, the two go on walks to a nearby pond and feed the ducks; sometimes her client will even try to catch frogs! That is not the only animal-loving client Katesha has, “another client likes to feed the squirrels nuts… the squirrels get up on his cart when he feeds them nuts!” In addition to loving the outdoors, Katesha also appreciates spending time indoors with her clients and catching up on their favorite shows together, “he makes sure he has it on when I’m walking in the door and he’s like Kae our show is on!”

When Katesha is not at work, she cherishes spending time with her 10-year-old son. Every weekend they love to do a variety of fun, family-friendly activities. Katesha also explores her creative side as a hairstylist and loves braiding. To relax, Katesha has a favorite quiet spot along the lake where she goes to unwind.

When it comes to being a successful Aide that makes a positive impact, Katesha says, “You have to take the good with the bad. You are going to have some bad days, but the good days definitely outweigh them.” Here at Blossom, we truly appreciate Katesha’s wisdom and hard work. We thank you for your dedication!

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