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Bits and Bytes: Social Media Dos and Don'ts

By Zak Wallace

Social media can be a powerful tool that has the potential to connect people from all over the world, help us share information, and express our opinions, however, it is important to recognize the negatives of social media as well. Social media can have negative consequences if not used wisely. Below are some dos and don'ts of social media that you should keep in mind:



Be respectful

When posting on social media, be careful of the language you use and the tone of your posts. We should always treat others with respect, like we do in real life. Just because we are behind a screen, doesn’t give us permission to act inappropriately.

Use social media to connect

Social media is a great way to stay in touch with family and friends who you may not see as much as you’d like. During the height of the pandemic, social media was an excellent tool to stay connected, and still is today!

Use social media to showcase your skills

Social media is a great way to showcase your skills and expertise. Share your work, experiences, achievements, projects, etc. with your followers. It’s a great and easy way to show off your talents!

Stay informed

Social media is a powerful tool for staying informed about news and current events. It’s important however, to follow reputable news sources, to make sure you are not consuming false information.



Don't overshare

Avoid oversharing personal information on social media. This can lead to some scary things as we don’t always know who is looking at our publicly shared content.

Don't post inappropriate content

Avoid posting inappropriate content such as violence, hate speech, etc. It’s important not to be offensive to others online.

Don't engage in cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is a serious problem on social media. Avoid engaging in or supporting cyberbullying in any form. This includes posting negative comments or messages, sharing private information without permission, or making hurtful jokes.

Don't fall for scams

Social media is often used by scammers to trick people into giving away personal information or money. Avoid commenting on pages of companies or people you’ve never heard of, simply because it’s going viral.

Don't use social media as a substitute for real-life interactions

While social media is a great tool for staying connected with others, in person contact will always be more valuable! Don’t forget to stay connected offline as well.


In conclusion, social media is a powerful tool that like anything else, has its positives and negatives. It’s important to be safe and smart when using social media. We hope you’ll keep these DOs and DON’Ts in mind next time you’re online!

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