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Celebrating Mother's Day at Blossom!

In celebration of Mother's Day, we are honoring all the hardworking moms at Blossom. Knowing their wisdom is plentiful, we asked the moms of Blossom what being a mom has taught them and what advice would they give to other mothers. Read below for some sage advice!


Being a mom has taught me so many valuable life lessons, but most importantly pride and unconditional love. A family friend once told me “Little kids, little problems….Big kids, big problems”. There were no truer words ever spoken. The worry never ends, and the problems just get bigger and more expensive!

- Angela Gioia, Assistant Director of CDPAP


Being a mom has taught me to give myself and others more grace. We are all trying our best even if that looks different for everyone!

- Molly Dillon, Chief Operating Officer


Things I have learned; my house will never be clean, be extra patient, and cherish every moment no matter how little or big. They grow up too quick.

- Emily Briggs, Director of CDPAP


I would say that being a mom has taught me to appreciate the little things in life- being able to see things through my daughter’s eyes has given me a new appreciation for so many of the little things we take for granted. And for advice, I would say: it’s ok not to have it all together! Don’t compare yourself to all the other moms who seem like they never make a mistake- there’s no such thing as a perfect mom, but you can be the best mom for your child.

- Megan Griffin-Adams, Director of Health Homes


Being a mom has taught me that it is like watching your heart walk outside your body. The best advice I can give another mom is each phase shall pass. When we are in a certain phase it can feel like forever but when it passes there is a relief and a realization that it only lasted a short time.

- Jennifer Pritchard, CDPAP Coordinator


Being a mother has been the most fulfilling job of my life. It has been done with love, sacrifice and pride. I have found that no two children are the same. They all have different personalities and needs and all learn differently. We have to be open to different ways of educating and loving each individual child. My advice to other mothers is to give yourself grace as it is a learning experience. Just because our children are grown and out of the house doesn’t mean our job is done. Our grown-up children ask for and need our help and advice only in different and just as important ways.

- Laura Zanino, LHCSA Administrative Manager


Being a mom is the greatest thing, until you become a Gigi!! That’s even better. Best advice to other moms, When your kids are young, they need a parent, not a friend. They will have other friends in their life, You are there to shape them into good people. Sometimes it’s hard. But the hard stuff is worth it! When they become adults, that’s when the friendship starts.

- Suzanne Russo, Director of Clinical Services


Being a mom has taught me that my actions matter. Everything I do, everything I say, how I treat people, how I let people treat me shape the person that my son will become. The best advice I can give to other mothers is to stop trying to be perfect. Social media has increased pressure to become the perfect mom. The reality is you’re setting yourself up for failure because there is no such thing as a perfect mom. Work hard and try your best and you will be perfect

in the eyes of your kids which is all that matters!

- Aileen Calderon, Director of Human Resources


Being a mom has taught me love and responsibility. It also taught me to be humble and respectful. You have to give a little in order to receive a little (respect).

- Voncile Seawright, Personal Care Aide


Being a mom has taught me patience, a whole new kind of love, and to be grateful and cherish every moment. My advice for other mothers or expecting mothers is to cherish every moment and not let a day go by where you don't capture a memory because it can go by so fast. You can learn so much from your child everyday too that gives you a whole new perspective on things.

- Cynthia O’Neill, Health Homes Care Manager

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