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Celebrating Our Care Managers!

Sometimes the path to a healthy lifestyle has more obstacles than a person can manage on their own. For these people, care managers can help them find their way. Every day, our care managers take on the obstacles of their clients and guide them to health and independence. We’d like to take a moment to celebrate our stellar team of care managers!


Brianna Bishop, Health Homes Enrollment Coordinator, has been with Blossom for six months. Brianna loves that her position allows her to connect with people and lets clients know that they are not alone. Brianna excels at “Getting it Done” as she continues to help the Health Homes Department grow. Brianna is an important part of the team and is always willing to step up and help anyone who needs it. She does an amazing job connecting with clients through her compassion which allows for a warm and seamless transition from enrollment to care management. In her free time, Brianna loves to explore and travel to new places and spend time with her family. Brianna is a vital part of the Health Homes team and is so appreciated.


Colleen Boice, Director of Health Homes, has been with Blossom since 2014. She is passionate about working towards the success of the Health Homes department; as the team grows, Colleen encourages independence and collaboration between care managers and celebrates the successes of care managers and clients. Colleen continuously “Leads with Heart” through advocating for the needs of the team and being a shining example of how to treat colleagues and clients with respect. She appreciates the diverse backgrounds and knowledge bases of the department, all of which make the team excel at providing quality care management. In her free time, Colleen enjoys sailing on her boat, traveling (Exuma in the Caribbean is one of her favorite places to go,) and spending time with her family.


Torri Cowans, Health Homes Care Manager, has been with Blossom for almost a year! Torri loves when the clients she is working with are successful in their lives. Torri is always there to help her coworker’s problem-solve and does it with a smile. Torri "Leads with Heart" through acknowledging and respecting what stages clients are in their lives and aids clients with working towards attaining their goals through open and honest communication. In her free time, Torri enjoys participating in community service projects with young and impoverished communities. Torri also likes to go on trips and vacations with her friends.


Rachel Daugherty, Children’s Health Homes Care Manager, has been with Blossom since July of 2021. Rachel is passionate about helping children and supporting families during their time of need. She feels a love of children as well as the ambition to help others is vital to her position with Blossom. Rachel excels at “Getting it Done” as she has worked hard to build her caseload and to provide assistance for many families in our community. Rachel is a vital part of the Health Homes team by always being supportive, positive, and caring to everyone she meets. When Rachel isn’t working, she loves animals and spending time outside on her golf cart. Rachel is an amazing member of the Health Homes team!


Carolyn Heftka, Health Homes Care Manager, has been with Blossom since June of 2021. Carolyn covers clients located in Monroe, Ontario, and Wayne counties. She is passionate about making those in the community feel that they’re understood and cared for with dignity and respect. She exemplifies “Extend the Family” by treating and caring for her clients like they were one in her family. In her free time, she loves to travel and exercise.


Liz Hoertz, Health Homes Care Manager, has been with our agency since January 2019. She is deeply empathetic and passionate about providing clients with their basic needs and ensuring that they are safe at home and in their community. Liz “Leads with Heart” by ensuring clients and coworkers alike feel heard and cared for. She faithfully tracks all of her coworkers’ birthdays and life events to make sure they never go unrecognized. In her free time, she enjoys live music and camping with her fiancé and their dogs.


Kayla McCrickard, Health Homes Supervisor, has been with Blossom since August of 2020. She is passionate about helping clients prosper by connecting them with valuable community resources and services to help them thrive and combat systemic inequality. Kayla “Gets it Done” by ensuring clients are receiving excellent care management while simultaneously verifying documentation and deadlines are being met and policies and procedures followed. She strongly advocates for the needs of the department and clients. In her free time, she enjoys rock climbing, watching “The Golden Girls,” going to drag shows, and spending time with her girlfriend and their two dogs, Pat and Boy.


Jenn Mertz, Children’s Health Homes Care Manager, has been with Blossom since September 21, 2020. She loves to see the children on her caseload get connected with the services they need. This is the passion and dedication she brings to her job; she does it with joy and a smile on her face. She “Solves the Problem” by going the extra mile to assist the children she’s working with. Jenn is the bright sunshine of the Children’s Health Homes department and brings compassion to the Blossom family. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her pets (Gracie, and Piper) and her husband doing “funtivities” on the weekends.


Ellen Sadler, Health Home Care Manager, has been with Blossom for one and a half years. Ellen likes being involved with the client successes. She feels rewarded by doing something as small as helping an individual use a coping skill or finding an apartment. Many do not know that Ellen exemplifies “Little Funnies;” her subtle humor helps lighten the mood with her clients, showing them her true self. Ellen feels using humor adds personality to client interactions and makes care managers seem "normal” to clients. In Ellen’s free time she enjoys watching Jeopardy, doing cross stitch, visiting the zoo, or listening to music. Something many do not know about Ellen is that she is a world traveler whose favorite trip was Venice because of the city atmosphere, gelato, and the gondolas.


Sarah-Catherine Sargeant, Health Homes Care Manager, has been with Blossom since January 4, 2021. She is passionate about connecting her clients to resources in the community. Her clients are always so appreciative of her assistance due to the resources in Livingston County being so limited. Sarah Catherine is a “Get it Done” gal; she has never missed a deadline. She brings great perspective to the Health Homes team, is friendly to new faces, and always willing to help. Sarah-Catherine loves her Health Homes team so much that she even named her new baby chicks after each of her coworkers. She keeps busy in her free time by tending to her at-home zoo and taking part in activities like hunting, fishing, hiking, and painting.


Brittany Stein, Children’s Health Home Care Manger, is new to Blossom and will be covering children’s cases in Monroe County. She is passionate about working with children and wants to help them with all their challenges. Brittany looks forward to "Extending the Family” with her clients and colleagues as she transitions into her new role. In her free time Brittany enjoys playing soccer, scuba diving and really enjoys traveling. We are looking forward of her growing to be a vital part of the Health Homes team.


Sabrina Wilferth has been a Health Homes Care Manager at Blossom since June of 2020. Sabrina enjoys helping others and connecting individuals to services that they can benefit from. Sabrina is passionate about helping people better manage their health and well-being. Sabrina most emulates “Get It Done.” This trait can be seen through the trust that Sabrina’s clients have for her and knowing that they can count on her to be a reliable Care Manager. Sabrina is an important part of Blossom’s Health Homes team. She covers the vast majority of cases in Ontario, Wayne, and Seneca County. Sabrina loves being a mom, spending time with her family, and traveling in her free time.

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Grampa Mirlin
Grampa Mirlin
May 02, 2023

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