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Celebrating our T-REXcellent Care Managers!

Dinosaurs have become the unofficial mascot of our Care Managers here at Blossom. Fierce, strong, and brave are characteristics our Care Managers and dinosaurs have in common (and they all happen to be big fans of the dino-mite creatures!) Our Care Managers have made a colossal impact on the lives of their clients throughout their careers. We would like to highlight our T-REXcellent Care Managers and the times when they Made the Moment for their clients!


Megan Griffin-Adams has worked in the human services field for 15 years. At a previous company, she had a client who had limited verbal skills and who was obsessed with her work ID badge. Every time she saw him, he would admire it and ask if he could have one with his picture and name. Megan reached out to the staff person responsible for making the ID badges to get one for her client. When she gave it to her client, he was so excited and immediately put it around his neck. He wore it every day for months. Even after Megan stopped working with him, when she would go back to visit, he always had it on and would show it off.

Favorite Dinosaur: The Saurolophus


Delaney O'Brien has worked in the field of human services for a year and a half. A time when Delaney Made the Moment for one of her clients was when she provided a family with critical resources for parenting. The family was very thankful and hopeful for their future and goals.

Favorite Dinosaur: The Pterodactyl


Ellen Sadler has worked in human services for around 7 years. Ellen recently made the moment for her client during a visit. Her client was very sullen, and Ellen asked if she was okay. The client told her she was having thoughts of harming herself and requested that she call 911. Ellen did so immediately, and even though her client was adamant that she could leave, Ellen stayed with her until emergency responders arrived. Ellen remained present to ensure her client was safe and had someone to talk to whom she trusted. Her client was incredibly appreciative of her being there when she was struggling.

Favorite Dinosaur: The Triceratops


Kimberly Notebaert has been active in the human services field for about 10 years. She has fond memories of Making the Moment for her clients while working in the youth department. One moment that stood out to her is when a kid wanted to stand in her car’s sunroof. She let him have fun riding in the sunroof and he was super excited and happy during the experience!

Favorite Dinosaur: The T-Rex


Rachel Daugherty has worked in human services for around 4 years. Seeing the progress her clients make daily makes the job all worth it. Rachel finds that the best and most priceless moments are when the client thinks it cannot be done and hearing the surprise in their voices when they achieve a victory together.

Favorite Dinosaur: The T-Rex


Sarah-Catherine Sargeant has worked in the human services field for the last 10 years. She has worked jobs from direct care and life skills training to being a correctional officer! Her favorite memory of making the moment for her client was when she was able to secure a grant to obtain an electric ceiling lift track system for a quadriplegic client who hadn’t been able to take a formal shower in over a decade. This client was so appreciative, and it reminded Sarah that we shouldn’t take the small things in life for granted. The independence this gave her client was worth all the work that went into getting her approved.

Favorite Dinosaur: The Ichthyosaur


Shalonda White has 4 years of experience in human services. It can be difficult to find resources for obtaining furniture, so Shalonda made the moment for her client by applying for the Golisano Grant which allowed the client to receive a brand-new couch from Raymour and Flanigan.

Favorite Dinosaur: The T-Rex


Cynthia O'Neill has been working in the human service field for 8 years. A time when Cynthia made the moment for her client was when she was able to get her client apartment rental assistance after the client had done months and months of couch surfing.

Favorite Dinosaur: The Velociraptor


Brittany Stein has been with Blossom for a year now! One day one of her clients needed food since they were out of food stamps. Brittany made the moment for her client when she assisted in providing different resources where the family could get food.

Favorite Dinosaur: The Dilophosaurus


Brianna Bishop has worked in the human services field for 4 years. Brianna constantly makes the moment for clients by simply helping them obtain basic needs like food and clothing. She finds this an especially important responsibility for Blossom’s clients that live in areas that don’t have as many resources.

Favorite Dinosaur: The Triceratops

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