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Everything You Need to Know About QA Investigations

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

By Molly Dillon

Quality Assurance investigations are an important behind-the-scenes process needed for Blossom to operate. QA investigations are necessary for many reasons including but not limited to; client safety, protecting employees, and compliance with rules and regulations. While participating in QA investigations may not sound like fun, it’s an important part of everyone’s job at Blossom. Remember, investigations are in place for fact finding only. QA is not involved in any sort of discipline or follow up related to the outcome of any investigation.


What does it mean to receive a phone call from QA?

QA requires a statement from you for an investigation. This could mean anything such as, you may have witnessed a fall or accident, you may have background information related to an investigation, or there may have been an allegation reported.

Depending on the investigation and the requirements of NYS for QA investigations, QA may speak with you over the phone (when you are not working with a client) or QA may request for you to meet with them in person and will work around your schedule and location preference as much as possible.


Why was I pulled from a case or multiple cases?

Some investigations/allegations require staff to be removed from a particular client, or multiple clients based on the information reported to QA. Aides are pulled so that the integrity of the investigation is able to be maintained, as well as for the safety of the aide and client(s). QA will work through the investigation as quickly as possible and report to the appropriate parties whether you are able to return to work based on the findings of the investigation.


What information is QA able to share during an investigation?

The short answer is, not much. QA will share the reported allegations, however, will not be able to identify who reported the incident/allegation. QA will not be able to provide any information regarding the outcome or follow up related to an investigation. QA is able to explain the investigation process and an estimated timeframe for completion of the investigation, however, is not able to discuss the specifics of an ongoing investigation.


Does being involved in a QA investigation mean I am in trouble?

No, the reason for a QA investigation is to gather information and determine whether any action should or can be taken to prevent potential incidents in the future. QA speaks with any and all parties involved in an incident in order to gather information to determine whether an allegation is substantiated, inconclusive, or disconfirmed based on the evidence gathered. A summary of the investigation is then reported to the appropriate supervisor and HR, who will determine the appropriate follow up with the staff. QA is not involved with discipline in any way and simply reports information.


When will I be able to return to the client/clients I was pulled from?

Once the investigation is complete, QA will send a summary of the findings to the appropriate supervisor. The appropriate follow up will then be determined by HR and the supervisor. Depending on the findings, staff may be able to return to work immediately, or staff may be required to speak with Nursing, HR, or the appropriate supervisor before returning to work.

Based on an investigation, it may be determined that a particular staff member should not return to a particular case. This may be due to client, family, or employee request, or due to the nature of the investigation or allegation.

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