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Introducing EOS — Our Company's New Operating System

By Chris Gauvin, CEO | Originally published November 2019

Every company has an operating system. This is ours.

For the past nine months, the leadership team has been going through an intensive program that examines who we are as company, how we get things done, and what we want to accomplish. The program is called EOS—or Entrepreneurial Operating System. EOS helps companies like us discover our strengths, synchronize our goals, and provides a structure for growth. Working with this system means we’ve zeroed in on who we are and who we want to be, including our long and short term goals. EOS has also helped us identify the problems we face as well as solutions that align with our values. EOS is a structure, a system, and a way of prioritizing.

The process began with looking at the organization at its core and filling out the V/TO—or Vision/Traction Organizer, a document that outlines the company as a whole. It all starts with our Core Values, of which we have identified five.

Our Core Values:

#1: Extending the Family

We extend the same care, concern, and support we would give to a family member—and not only to clients, but employees as well.

  • Show each other support, concern, and honesty

  • Help each other through difficulties

#2: Get it Done

We show up and get the job done, no matter what.

  • Don’t stop until the job is complete

  • Be ready to work

  • Work without being told

#3: Lead with Heart

Before we do anything, we think of the other person and act in a way that shows them understanding and respect.

  • Stop and think about how what you do affects other people

  • Do what’s best in a kind and compassionate way

  • Care comes first

#4: Solve the Problem

We always think outside the box to find solutions. Even if the problem seems unbeatable, we channel the inner superhero and overcome.

  • Solutions exist; find them

  • Defeat the issue; achieve results

  • Overcome elements beyond your control

#5: Little Funnies :)

Everything we do is tempered with humor. Our sense of humor makes us who we are.

  • Laugh a little

Our Core Focus:

Another part of the V/TO is our Core Focus, which is made up of two parts: niche and purpose/cause/passion. Our niche is easy to define—Long Term Home Care—and we do that through a number of services from CDPAP to our PCAs and nurses. Everything we do serves our niche market. Our guiding purpose/cause/passion is “Making the Moment.” Whether it’s as simple as having a conversation with someone or as critical as being there when most needed, we are always striving to make the moment the best it can be.

How we’re getting things done:

Each week, the leadership team has “Level 10 Meetings” in which we keep track of our goals and “scorecard.” The scorecard is a quick way of assessing the state of the company. Currently, our scorecard tracks referrals, employees, revenue, and net profit, with plans to add marketing and applicant numbers as well.

Another key focus for EOS is processing issues. Since March, we have processed 315 separate issues, both big and small. For me, some of the most important issues involved roles and making sure we are putting everyone in the best position to succeed. Other issues we addressed included looking at our archive space and looking at a “what if” audit scenario two months prior to OMIG’s audit. Any process, system, policy, or even general situation is open to discussion at our Level 10 meetings, and we go through each one with the ultimate goal of finding a solution that works best for CCOR.

The leadership team also meets for quarterly all-day sessions in which we review our progress and “rocks.” Rocks are large quarterly goals. To date, we have recorded 70 different rocks. Some are in progress to be completed this quarter and many have already been completed, including getting a contract to do CHHUNY, recruiting and hiring 200 additional aides, developing a new Accountability chart for the organization, and moving and reorganizing our payroll to a weekly structure that matches Medicaid billing. This is just a small sample of the numerous large projects that we have been monitoring and completing by working within the EOS system.

Not only has EOS given us the structure to accomplish these very tangible achievements, but it has given the leadership team training on how to best work in our roles and communicate with each other. All of this has led to more significant growth for the team as a whole.

So, what comes next?

For internal staff, your homework is to read What the Heck is EOS? which goes into detail about the EOS process. In addition, your managers and leaders will begin rolling out meetings that are built on the EOS system. For external staff, copies of What the Heck is EOS? will be available in the office for your perusal. Additionally, I want you to take our Core Values to heart and remember our guiding purpose to always “make the moment.”

In ten years, my goal is for CCOR to be one of the best companies to work for, not just in our region or state, but in the entire country. We have some very challenging hurdles to overcome to get there, but together I believe we can.

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