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January 2023 Aide of the Month — Zorimar Torres

Our 2023 Aide of the Month program is starting strong with recipient Zorimar Torres. Zorimar, a kind, loving, and dependable individual received this honor for exhibiting Blossom’s core value of Extending the Family. Originally from the island of Puerto Rico, Zorimar moved to the United States in 1999. When she first moved to the U.S., she lived in Dunkirk, NY, and later moved to Rochester in 2011. Before Blossom, Zorimar worked as a Quality Technician for 11 years. Over a year ago, she decided to get certified as a Personal Care Aide at Blossom to find more fulfillment in her life, “… what I enjoy most is taking care of my clients and I find a lot of fulfillment in that.”

Zorimar is thankful for a meaningful career with a company that acknowledges the hard work of its employees. She is grateful for all she has learned as a Personal Care Aide. Working at Blossom has given her a fresh and appreciative outlook on life, “…sometimes we're young and we don't think about, you know, how lucky we are to just be able to get up in the morning and brush our teeth and go on with our day.”

Zorimar passes along her feeling of fulfillment to her clients by keeping them engaged with entertaining activities. “I like to see what motivates them. So, with some of them, I’ve brought arts and crafts.” She also finds that her clients are stimulated by playing fun card games or board games like the classic “Trouble”. Working on puzzles together is also a popular pastime with her clients. “… when I bring different things to do with them you can see how that lightens up and brightens up their day so that’s very fulfilling.”

Outside of work, Zorimar enjoys spending time with family and her two adorable Pomeranians, Gizmo and Cocoa Bear! She is also involved in her elevation church group as a co-leader. In her spare time, Zorimar is an avid reader and enjoys reading faith books and biographies. One of her favorite books is A Child Called "It" by author Dave Pelzer.

Zorimar would encourage someone interested in the healthcare field to become a part of the Blossom family. She finds this type of work to be incredibly rewarding and recognizes its potential to change someone's life, “… if you take it seriously and you really do it because you love doing it then it will change you forever. For the better.” Here at Blossom, we are truly grateful for the fulfillment Zorimar brings to her client's lives. Thank you for your compassion and empathy, Zorimar!

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