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July 2021 Aide of the Month — Robert Weiser

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Eleven years ago, our July Aide of the Month, Robert Weiser, heard about a great job. One of his friends mentioned there was a need for male home care aides and told him that the job could consist of anything from helping with laundry to taking the client fishing. A job like that sounded good to Robert, who immediately applied to and was hired by Blossom (then known as CCOR). Eleven years later, he still agrees, helping people live their best lives is a great job.

Robert has a friendly, trustworthy nature, which makes him an excellent home care aide. “I try to pay attention when I’m in their homes. Everybody has their way of wanting things done. We all do. So, I pay attention to that kind of thing. I try to do everything the way that they would like it to be done.” His caring nature even gets noticed by strangers. One day, after helping his client check out at Wegmans, the woman who was behind them in line walked across the snow-filled parking lot to give Robert a compliment. “Excuse me,” she said. “I just want to say, you are so amazing with him! I can’t believe how patient you are.”

What sets Robert apart is his desire to help his clients thrive. Working with people who have suffered traumatic brain injuries has taught Robert that home care is more than completing daily tasks but helping people live a fulfilling life. “A traumatic brain injury could happen to anybody, from out of nowhere…bike accident, car accident. You’re going about your life and suddenly, now you’ve got to relearn everything. I would imagine it’s hard to start all over again, to relearn talking, movements, just doing everyday things.” Robert endeavors to help his clients improve and loves to see them overcome their challenges.

Robert’s love of outdoor activities has become an important way he helps his clients to live life to the fullest. “They give me the active ones that like to get outdoors,” he says, with a smile. Robert has gone kayaking, hiking, and geocaching with his clients. Robert will do whatever it takes to keep his clients happy, including sledding on cold winter’s day. “I try to do what they enjoy doing.”

When he’s not working, Robert enjoys golf, movies, and travel. He has explored Ireland, Scotland, Hawaii, New Orleans, and the Pacific Coast, with Alaska as his next destination. Robert firmly believes in getting the most out of life. His philosophy is, “Live every day like you’re not going to have tomorrow.”

Robert has an infectious love of life that uplifts his clients every day. Eleven years of assisting, nurturing, and encouraging his clients has not only benefitted the clients but Robert as well. Helping people live their best lives has become a fulfilling part of his own.

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