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July 2022 Aide of the Month —Rose Titus

Responsible, loyal, hardworking fearless: these are just some of the words that describe July’s Aide of the month, Rose Titus. Originally from the gorgeous nation of Costa Rica, Rose has been in the United States for 28 years. Rose practiced Criminal Justice in Costa Rica and worked at her local police department. As a diligent individual, Rose worked multiple jobs simultaneously upon moving to the United States. She has worked for travel agencies, hotels, and was even a bar manager for over 25 years.

As time passed and generations changed, Rose found that she had less in common with her customers at the bar. After a while, Rose became tired of the drama associated with nightlife. “I decided to leave the bar and get into something that has a lot of meaning, that is a noble job and that helps people that need you, that really deserve your help.” She began working at Blossom because of her value of friendship and family. “I was originally taking care of someone within the family of a friend of mine.” Since then, Rose has made a positive impact on the lives of numerous clients in the short number of months she has been with Blossom.

Rose treasures the bonds she forms with her clients and loves making each day unique and special for every individual. She enjoys going for walks, having a cup of coffee, and various other activities that brighten her client's day. Rose has developed a close relationship with one client who is blind. Knowing that her client loves baseball, she will closely keep track of games and thoroughly explain all the exciting action taking place. In the warmer months, they sit outside and admire nature, “I describe what kinds of flowers are out there, what the weather looks like.”

Rose has dedicated countless hours to Blossom and continues to give it her all with every shift.

Rose finds the motivation to continue working hard through mediation and drawing upon the positive energy of the universe, “The universe gives me patience.” Another driving force behind Rose’s work is her profound empathy, “I could be that person and I would like to be treated with kindness.”

For all current and future aides, Rose stresses the importance of being committed to your desire to help others. She advises aides to “be true to themselves and be sure that they are capable to work through hard times when the client that they have has a bad day.” Here at Blossom, we sincerely appreciate all the hard work and dedication Rose has invested into her client’s well-being. Thank you, Rose!

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