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June 2021 Aide of the Month — Robbin Morris

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

When our June Aide of the Month, Robbin Morris, retired from her second career after nearly 25-years in home care, she decided to take on a part-time retirement job she knew she would love: home care. Robbin truly enjoys caring for others. It has been her way of giving back the peace of mind she received years ago.

Robbin is a patient and kind home care aide who deeply cares about her clients. “I just like to help out elderly people, to do what I can do to help them.” One of her greatest skills is her ability to gently turn her clients’ minds from their troubles to something positive. When challenging situations arise, Robbin says, “Sometimes you have to think of other ways you can help them, other ways that you can talk to them, other things that they can do.” Robbin uses games, walks, and heart-to-heart chats to lift their spirits.

Despite her talent for caregiving, home care wasn’t the career Robbin started out in. After high school, Robbin studied business in college for two years, after which she took a job in the finance department of Xerox. Twenty years later, in 1996, a layoff caused her to seek a new career. So why did Robbin choose home care? The answer is simple: her mother.

Robbin’s mother, Suzanna, suffered from Parkinson’s disease. At first, Suzanna was able to continue working, but eventually her condition worsened, and she had to move in with Robbin where she received home care. Robbin gratefully saw that Suzanna’s home care aides were kind and loving to her mother. She was also inspired by Suzanna’s brave determination to continue helping other people despite her condition.

A career in home care became Robbin’s way of giving back. Moved by her mother’s caring aides, she knew she had to give the same comfort and care to others. To this day, Robbin’s mother is never far from her thoughts and always in her heart.

Eventually, Suzanna suffered a fall that led to surgery and then to a nursing home, where she passed away a few years later. Robbin keeps her mother’s memory alive by caring for her clients like family.

When she’s not working, Robbin’s children, Cynthia and Eric, and her grandchildren, Semaj, Aarion, and A’mere, occupy her time and thoughts. She also enjoys concerts, socials, party planning, and traveling to visit family.

Robbin understands the peace of mind that comes with knowing your loved one is being expertly cared for. Today, she's giving back that same peace of mind to the lucky families she serves here at CCOR.

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