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June 2022 Aide of the Month —Scott Crossett

A desire to help. That is what drives our June Aide of the Month, Scott Crossett, to continue to make a positive difference in the lives of his clients. Scott is 52 and has lived in Batavia, New York, all his life. Scott loves being a part of the Blossom family, but he has not always been involved in the home care industry. Previously, Scott worked in a lumber yard, driving a truck. When the lumber yard closed, Scott decided to pursue his passion for helping others, “I completely enjoy it, helping people, going home each night knowing that you made a change in someone’s life is big.”

For over ten years, Scott has been working with one individual and has treasured the close bond they have formed. Recently, Scott thought of retiring from Blossom but values the friendship he has built with his client and the rapport he has with the client’s family. He decided to stay connected with his client through Blossom, “I’m the only constant that he ever has in his life, besides family, and I couldn’t do it [retire].” Scott has truly loved learning about his client, and their likes and dislikes, over the years. The two even have shared interests like bowling; they join a bowling league together every year!

In addition to working at Blossom, Scott also works a full-time job. When Scott is not working or bowling, he cherishes his free time. Scott enjoys being with his wife and two sons in his time away from work. Scott also loves being submerged in nature and frequently spends time hiking and being outdoors. As a nature enthusiast, he and his wife love vacationing at stunning national parks across the country. One of his favorite national parks is the picturesque Rocky Mountain National Park, located in the beautifully scenic state of Colorado. Mount Rainier National Park and Olympic National Park in Washington are also at the top of his list of vacation destinations.

When working, Scott enjoys participating in activities that enrich his client’s life and bring about happiness. For Scott, working at Blossom is about more than just money; it’s about the one-on-one interaction with his client, “We always have a good time together. It never really seems like work, to be completely honest, and I think that goes along with my love and desire for what I do.” For current and future aides, Scott’s advice is to always remember the importance of genuinely connecting with the client and letting your passion and compassion be the motivating force behind your work.

At Blossom, we sincerely admire Scott for his positive outlook and thank him for all his hard work!

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