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March 2022 Aide of the Month — Janire Pugh

When the pandemic put a pause on our March Aide of the Month's dreams, he took on a role with Blossom, and has been making his clients feel safe, comfortable, and happy ever since.

After graduating from high school, Janire Pugh immediately went to barber school, where he got his license in 2018. When the barbershop he was working for shut down due to the pandemic, he made the difficult decision to move-on for the moment. Janire has been with Blossom for just short of a year and sees his role as a meaningful way to continue to make people feel good and make a difference in their lives.

It was due to his experience working with his grandmother that inspired Janire to come to Blossom. While caring for his grandmother, providing services similar to those he provides to his clients now, Janire noticed how much of a need there is in our community to assist older adults with day-to-day living. Since Janire was drawn to this field after working with his own grandmother, he makes sure to treat his clients the way he would treat his own family. “Because why are you coming into this field if you don’t have care for someone? If you can’t care for them like your family? We are all family in my eyes. Everyone is family.”

Janire’s parents raised him to always go above and beyond, and he does just that when he is working with his clients at Blossom. “If you’re not going to really put your all into it, you might as well not even do it at all.” Being in the business of caring can be challenging at times, but Janire knows the importance of walking into any situation with a positive heart and an open mind. Working with his client every day, he begins to feel like an extension of the family. His client greets him with enthusiasm as soon as he walks through the door, and Janire calls that the bonus of the job. “Knowing that he’s not my family, and they are trusting me – that do warm up my heart.”

Outside of his work with Blossom, Janire enjoys riding his dirt bike, going on walks with his dog, and spending quality time with his family. He takes life as it comes and loves trying new things and visiting new places. Janire was able to spin a negative of changing careers paths into a positive by maintaining his optimistic mindset. We are glad you found us, Janire!

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