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March 2023 Aide of the Month —Andrea Love

Here at Blossom, we celebrate the hard work and commitment of our Aide Staff. One of the countless ways we honor the diligence of our employees is through our Aide of the Month program. Each month, Aides are nominated for exhibiting our core values and/or their outstanding dedication to their client's well-being. In the month of March, the achievement was awarded to the considerate, kind, and helpful Andrea Love. Andrea had three separate nominations all emphasizing her willingness to go above and beyond for her clients.

Andrea Love was born and raised in Rochester, New York. She has worked for Blossom for almost five years. Before working in home care, Andrea worked in the cleaning field. She has two wonderful daughters who she loves and cherishes.

Andrea’s favorite part of working for Blossom is her clients. Her clients inspire her to work hard and give it her all. Andrea is always ready to help them do whatever needs to be done, “I just try to help people when I can, or however I can.” Understanding the value of being heard, especially for older generations, Andrea is always willing to be a listening ear for her clients and engage in meaningful, stimulating conversations. She also performs tasks her clients may have trouble doing on their own, such as cleaning, running errands, and doing laundry. Andrea also invokes her client's creative side, “I listen to music with them, and you know, get them to sing and stuff like that.” Above all, Andrea is someone everyone needs in life, a friend, “I’ll be the friend they need, if they need a friend.”

When she is not at work being an exceptional caretaker, Andrea enjoys relaxing and decompressing at home. She also enjoys being physically active and going to the gym. One of her daughters is in a dance group so Andrea is a proud dance mom. Overall, Andrea lives her life to the fullest, “This life is too short so, you never know.”

This line of work can present some challenges, but the reward of making people happy makes all the difficulties worth it, “It gets better after a while… don’t give up.” Here at Blossom, we are grateful to Andrea for never giving up and always going above and beyond for her clients. Thank you for an amazing five years and we look forward to you blossoming with us in the future!

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