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May 2022 Aide of the Month — Velma Robinson

"I was so surprised when you called and told me that. I mean, I like taking care of people and I'm just blessed to get it again" says Velma Robinson, our May Aide of the Month, upon hearing that she was awarded this title for the second time. Velma previously earned this title in November of 2020, and two years later, she is still connecting with her clients and loving her career here at Blossom.

Velma has been working at Blossom for nearly 6 years and she continues to show up each day because she truly enjoys caring for people. “I’ve been doing it a long time. Everybody needs help. I say to myself one day, if I ever need help, I want somebody to look out for me the way that I look out for people. Because when you get a good aide, you’re happy.” Velma made a great impression on her current client’s family, and they asked her to stay on the case. With her client she enjoys taking her out into the community and having lunch together. “Certain people you just get, you just enjoy them. I like this lady.”

When Velma is not working, she is spending time at home with her loving family. Velma is a mom to four children, a grandma to 13, and a great grandma to four! Velma enjoys having backyard get togethers with her kids, baking cupcakes with her grandkids, and even visiting Chuck E Cheese to celebrate birthdays with the little ones. Velma feels lucky to be able to spend so much time with her family thanks to the flexibility Blossom allows. “We like to bake cupcakes. I do that in my free time when I’m home. I do that a lot now ‘cause I get to spend time with them. I couldn’t do it before because I was always at work.”

Between work and her family, Velma likes to stay busy. “I’m not the person that wants to stay at home and sit around. One time I thought about retiring, but what would I do if I retired?” Velma gives thanks to Wanda Trojanoski, our Lead Instructor, for pushing her to be where she is at today. “I stuck with them [Blossom]. I had the lady push me, Wanda. And I am here today.” It was Wanda’s encouragement that pushed Velma to stick with her training and led her to where she is today in her career with Blossom.

“I think Blossom is the best company. When I leave, I'm not going to another company." We love having you here, Velma, and we hope to have you for many more years to come!

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