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Meet your friendly Quality Assurance Team!

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Occasionally, one of our employees or clients will receive a phone call from a member of our QA department asking a lot of questions. Though it can be disconcerting, it’s nothing to worry about…it’s just your friendly Blossom QA team. They are just another part of the Blossom family. When QA calls, they are usually just looking for some information. Behind those voices on the phone, they are devoted employees, doing their jobs to make Blossom the best it can be. Here is a little bit about our QA Team:


Tori Bloomquist

Tori Bloomquist, Blossom’s Compliance Specialist, is the newest member of Blossom’s Compliance Team, joining Blossom in July 2020. Tori graduated from the University of New Haven in 2015 with a BS in Forensic Science and a BS in Investigations. Tori’s professional legal background and auditing experience have helped prepare her for this role with Blossom. Tori audits all agency records, monitors the Physician and Employee Medicaid Exclusion Lists, analyzes data, and produces reports, as well as assisting with Quality Assurance investigations. Tori demonstrates the value of "Solve the Problem" by collaborating with other departments regarding audit outcomes, adjusting forms and reports to ensure data is reported clearly and accurately, and adjusting to alternative audit methods while working remotely. Outside of Blossom, Tori is a dedicated Buffalo Bills fan, assists with running a family business, and loves a great pair of shoes!


Molly Dillon

Molly Dillon, Blossom’s Compliance Officer has been with Blossom since 2017, starting her journey with Blossom as a QA Specialist. Molly Graduated from Niagara University in 2011 with a BS in Business Management, and a minor in dance. Molly became nationally certified in Healthcare Compliance in 2019. Molly oversees the day-to-day operations of the Compliance Program and QA Department at Blossom, and acts as the agency’s HIPAA Officer. Molly is responsible for monitoring the Blossom LHCSA Manual, department policies and procedures, and the Compliance Work Plan. Molly reports regularly to Blossom’s Board of Directors, Quality Assurance Committee, and Risk Assessment Committee and is dedicated to improving patient outcomes and reducing agency risk. Molly strives to Lead with Heart by acting as a partner and a resource for all Blossom clients and employees. Outside of Blossom, Molly enjoys Broadway Musicals, spoiling her niece and nephew, and cooking with her husband.


Dan Oonk

Dan Oonk, Blossom’s QA Specialist, has been a member of the QA/Compliance team at Blossom since 2017. Dan graduated from SUNY Brockport in 2013 with a BS in Criminal Justice, BS in Sociology, and a minor in Forensic Science. Dan’s consistency and upbeat demeanor make him the perfect fit for this role. Dan conducts the majority of Blossom’s Quality Assurance investigations and has completed over 1,500 investigations since starting his career with Blossom. In addition to Dan’s investigative responsibilities, Dan also monitors the Blossom Anonymous Hotline, maintains Blossom’s Complaint Log, completes quarterly trend reports, and assists with auditing. Dan works on-call shifts for the QA Department and files SRIs, even during non-business hours. Dan truly demonstrates the value of Extending the Family by making positive connections with clients and assuring them that any concerns they may have will be investigated and addressed appropriately. Outside of Blossom, Dan is a husband and a proud new father to a 7-month old daughter. In his spare time, Dan enjoys running, hiking, and reading.

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