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November 2021 Aide of the Month — Tera-Ceta Clark

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Our November Aide of the Month, Tera-Ceta Clark, knows a lot about second chances. After being gifted with a second chance at life, she found Blossom and a second chance at a career.

In her 20s, Tera-Ceta was working as a chef and a hospital CNA. One day, while at her hospital job, she fainted. She awoke 22 days later, surrounded by her family. Tera-Ceta had a brain tumor and had fallen into a coma. Her family has a genetic tendency towards brain tumors, which has affected both her mother and her sister. Waking up was her second chance, and she fought for her life.

Shortly after her recovery, Tera-Ceta devotedly became a caregiver to her mother, who was battling her own health challenges. This inspired a passion for home care and an interest in learning more about the field. After years of giving tender care, Tera-Ceta was inspired to make caregiving her career. Unsure if she could successfully find a job after being out of the workforce for nine years, she applied to Blossom at the advice of a friend. To her joy, she was hired and given a second chance at a new career. “Blossom gave me a fresh breath of life…a new outlook on life,” she says. “They gave me a chance when I thought I had no chance; I will never leave.”

Tera-Ceta’s second-chance career turned out to be a perfect fit. Since joining Blossom, she has found fulfillment and appreciation. “I wake up and want to go to work! My clients give me life. I feel needed. When you feel needed in this world, you feel purpose.” Additionally, she feels deeply supported by her Blossom family.

Tera-Ceta’s struggles have taught her many lessons. They have given her the ability to offer empathy to her clients and taught her the importance of staying positive. “Every lesson is a blessing,” she says. Tera-Ceta’s second chances have blessed her life with fulfillment and purpose.

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