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Our Favorite Holiday Movies

It's that time of year again: Holiday time! Here at Blossom, the holidays are all about spending quality time with family and celebrating traditions. A beloved tradition for many is watching festive movies. Here are some amazing recommendations from the Blossom family to get you in the holiday spirit!

My all-time favorite Christmas movie is the 1951 black and white version of A Christmas Carol with Alastair Sim as Ebenezer Scrooge. I watch it every Christmas Eve. I remember this version from my childhood and no other affects me the way this one does. The story of someone changing from a scrooge into a loving, giving, caring person, and helping change the lives of others around him just hits home for me! It always makes me want to be a better person.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (the 1966 TV movie). We taped it off the TV when I was a kid (wow, that makes me sound old!), and I grew up watching it. For me, it’s not Christmastime until I’ve watched the Grinch at least once!

My favorite holiday movie is Scrooged. This was the first holiday movie I watched when I moved to the states. It brings me memories of my parents and the culture shock from Spain traditions to the states.

My favorite holiday movies are While You Were Sleeping and It’s a Wonderful Life.

My favorite holiday movie is Elf. Elf has a special place in my heart because it is one of my family's favorites. Throughout the year my family will quotes hysterical lines from the film!

My favorite holiday movie is A Christmas Story! It perfectly captures the joy of being a kid with Christmas approaching and is funny for both kids and adults!

My favorite holiday movie is White Christmas. I have been watching this movie every year with my family since I was little and I look forward to it each year. I love musicals and this one is a timeless classic! I hope my son grows up loving this tradition as much as I do!

My favorite holiday movie is, It’s a Wonderful Life. My partner and I watch it every Christmas Eve while we are wrapping presents up for our kiddos.

My favorite Christmas movie is The Scrooge (1970 edition) and The Boy Called Christmas.

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