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Remembering Muriel...our inspiration, our family...

Muriel Gauvin’s name adorns the door of the CCOR executive board room. But before she was the inspiration for the company, she was a real person, making her place in the world just like everyone else. And so, MEET MURIEL: dedicated teacher, world traveler, practical joker, chocolate lover, bargain shopper, and faithful church goer.

Muriel was always one to help out. In high school, when no one else stepped up to run the drama club, in typical Muriel fashion, she volunteered. After high school, Muriel became a hairdresser. Her desire to help people, however, soon motivated her to earn her LPN license and get a job in a hospital. It was there she discovered an afinity for disabled children. This led her down a professional path that became her life’s work.

Muriel earned her Bachelor’s degree in Primary Education and her Master’s degree in

Special Education and became a Special Education teacher. She earned honors and praise for her work, including Connecticut Teacher of the Year. (the cut glass lamp in our board room is actually one of the gifts bestowed upon her for that honor.)

Muriel was dedicated to her family, her faith, and her friends. A gregarious person and practical joker, Muriel loved surrounding herself with people. She was a doting aunt to her nieces and nephews, who delighted in the fact that Aunt Muriel had a sweet tooth. Her house was always well-supplied with chocolates and candies. Her Roman Catholic faith was hugely important to her, and again, in typical Muriel fashion, she helped out as a Youth Group leader. Muriel was also an avid bargain shopper and would go well out of her way to visit one of her favorite hotspots, the JC Penney Outlet.

She loved to travel, and not just to JC Penney. For two to three weeks every summer, Muriel would join fellow teachers in trips all over the world. Having been to Rome, England, Japan, Hong Kong, Greece, and France, her house was filled with foreign knickknacks.

Muriel’s name is more than a story on the website or the name of the board room; her name brings to mind dedication, family, jokes, and chocolate. Whether you are a CCOR employee, client, or simply a visitor, take a moment with us to REMEMBER MURIEL (and indulge your sweet tooth!).

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