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September 2022 Aide of the Month—Voncile Seawright

Originally from Florida, our September Aide of the month, Voncile Seawright moved to upstate New York as a child. As a caring and loving individual, family is a crucial part of Voncile’s life: she has a son and four beautiful grandchildren. Voncile has worked in the health care industry her whole life and has dedicated herself to caring for others. Voncile started working at Blossom almost two years ago and was nominated this month because of her hard work and living up to our core value, “Solve the Problem.”

Voncile appreciates that Blossom recognizes their employee's commitment and dedication. As someone who is experienced in the field, Voncile finds the resources that Blossom provides unlike any agency she has worked for previously, “They care about not just the people we take care of, but they care about us too and so that’s really what I like about Blossom." Here at Blossom, Voncile feels supported and is able to pursue her passion for helping others.

Providing services for people can be difficult at times, however, Voncile’s kindhearted nature is always present no matter the challenge, “There’s nothing hard about me caring for somebody.” Voncile finds the motivation to Lead with Heart (another core value) from life experiences and from her family. When she first began her career, she worked at nursing homes. She found that most people preferred to be at home. “… I don’t care if they're young, middle-aged, or old, they want to be at home around their own surroundings, and if I can help them do that in their last days or 20 years down the line …that motivates me.” Voncile has also learned the importance of being in your surroundings from her mother, who is in her 90s and enjoys being cared for in her own home.

At Blossom, Voncile has built connections with her clients as she usually works with just one client at a time. With her current client, Voncile has enjoyed going on walks in the summer, and encouraging her client to be physically active by getting her to kick a soccer ball or throw a football. As the weather gets cooler, Voncile and her client (a trivia whiz) enjoy playing alongside gameshows on TV!

With her years of experience, Voncile has sage advice to give to prospective Blossom employees. She stresses the significance of being confident in your desire to help others and being able to become the person that somebody needs you to be, “… if you don’t have the heart for this then this is not the job for you.” Here at Blossom, we are grateful for your compassion and wisdom.

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