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Extending the Family in 2022

Here at Blossom, we extend to our clients and to each other the same care we would give a loved one. Our company was inspired by family, so this value is an important part of what we do. Here are some examples given by Blossom employees of how our team has extended the family in the year 2022:

Aurora Vega, Training Manager: Aurora is phenomenal. She really loves this company, really cares about our clients and staff, and made me feel cared for during our training and in any interaction I have had with her. Aurora has continued to check in and see how I am doing personally...people don't always check in, and it means a lot that Aurora does that.


Aileen Calderon, Director of HR: Aileen covered for me for a class in Buffalo while I was going through a difficult time with family.


Emily Briggs, Director of CDPAP: My son was going through some health concerns and Emily gave him a blanket that her mother-in-law made. He sleeps with it every night.


Scott Crossett, Personal Care Aide: Scott seems like a part of his client’s family. He is very kind, knowledgeable, and reliable. Scott has helped him with many things and is a great person.


Brooke Findlay, Marketing Manager: Brooke took the time to sit and speak with field staff, internal staff, and interview candidates for 3 hours during the ice cream staff appreciation event. Brooke brightened so many peoples' day and took time out of her schedule to make sure that Blossom employees felt appreciated.


Rose Titus, Personal Care Aide: Rose goes above and beyond for all of her clients. Rose makes sure her clients have everything they need, ensures their space is sparkling, and her clients have a full belly. Rose truly makes her clients feel like they are part of her family.


Cynthia O'Neill, Health Homes Care Manager: Cynthia went above and beyond to support her client in crisis. Cynthia did not hesitate to leave to visit with a client she knew was struggling and worked diligently to get him the help he needed. She was met with set backs but she kept trying to get the client the care they deserved.

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