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Safety Corner: Autumn Safety Tips

By Aurora Vega

As the cool weather creeps in and leaves begin to change, take these tips with you to stay safe this fall!


  • Drive Wise - be cautious when driving, especially when roads are wet, or there is fog. As cooler temperatures start to come, be sure to clear frost from your car windows for increased visibility

  • Sweep the chimney - the National Fire Protection Agency suggests that anyone with a fireplace should have their chimney and vents cleaned and inspected each year to prevent fires

  • Check detectors - testing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors monthly, and changing the batteries once a year, are simple ways to protect your home

  • Leaf clean up - the colorful leaves are beautiful, but can obstruct views of sidewalks and curbs. Leaf piles can be slippery, leading to injury. Always try to keep your driveway and pathways clear


  • Plants - as we are closing our windows more often to keep out the cold, consider an indoor plant such as aloe vera or bamboo palm to naturally improve the air in your home

  • Candles - a nice candle can make your home feel cozy, but make sure to always place candles on a sturdy, uncluttered surface, and never leave children, or vulnerable adults alone with a burning candle


  • Go out in groups, or with a responsible adult

  • Shy away from home-made treats, or anything that is unwrapped

  • Be alert when crossing streets - use crosswalks and obey traffic signals

  • If you or someone you are with has allergies, looking for a teal pumpkin as this will signal a house that has treats safe for those with food allergies such as peanuts

We hope these tips are helpful for you and your loved ones.

Stay safe during this wonderful time of year!

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