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2022 4th Quarter State of the Company

by Chris Gauvin, CEO

A lot has happened over the last quarter. As of January 1, our field staff are making an increased wage on both the LHCSA and CDPAP side. Many COVID-19 restrictions have started to loosen up and because of that, we have been able to open our offices back up. It has been nice to have the vibrant energy of more and more people back in the office. Blossom leadership has also decided, in line with Department of Health guidance, to make masks optional in the office for individuals not experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. Masks will continue to be required when in the field and working with clients.

We have had some new and returning faces join the Blossom team since last quarter. My father, Al Gauvin, has temporarily come back from retirement to offer some assistance and guidance. Since the last State of the Company, we have had nine new hires here in the office. Sophia Ruddock and Genesis Diaz have joined the Blossom family as Health Homes Care Managers. Andre Bell has joined as a Children's Health Homes Care Manager. We were able to hire two new nurses, Kristina Bergeron and Kate St. John. Alicia Gayden has come in as our new On-Call Staffing Coordinator. Lastly, we have Yaite Leon joining the team as a new Staffing Coordinator.

This quarter we awarded existing employees for exemplifying Blossom’s core values. Kimberly Notebaert, Health Homes Care Manager, received the Extending the Family award for carrying an additional caseload of clients outside her designated county. The Get it Done award was given to Dan Oonk, QA Generalist, for covering additional team administrative responsibilities, assisting with Covid check-ins, front desk coverage, auditing safety committee projects, and countless other projects. Sophia Ruddock, Health Homes Care Manager, was honored with the Lead with Heart award for adapting to difficult circumstances and putting her client's needs first. The Solve the Problem award was received by Amber Moore, Health Homes Care Manager, for helping her client establish a safer home environment. Andre Bell, Children's Health Homes Care Manager, received the award for Little Funnies. He received the award for beatboxing with his client, making them more comfortable opening up to him.

Congratulations to everyone who received an award and thank you to everyone for their continued diligence!

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