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2021 3rd Quarter State of the Company

by Chris Gauvin, CEO

2021 has presented us with even more challenges than the previous year, but through it all, we continue to grow. As we’ve navigated these difficult times, I’ve come to see how hard-working and dedicated our team is. I’ve seen that Blossom has proven to be a company that can thrive, even through adversity.

Looking back:

Vaccine Mandate: I’d like to thank everyone who elected to comply and become vaccinated. We’ve been able to retain the vast majority of our employees.

DCI: We are implementing a new time clock system for CDPAP.

Company Structure: With Marie Candelora as COO and departmental directors coming into their roles, we’ve solidified the company structure. I’m excited to see how this new structure will continue to benefit the company.

Waivers: We have decided to withdraw as a provider for the NHTD and TBI waiver programs in Buffalo. We will focus, instead, on MLTC cases and private pay. This change will allow us to focus on providing the best care we can.

Livingston County: Our new Livingston County recruiting and training site has been approved. I anticipate the continued growth of Livingston County.

Looking forward:

New Office Holiday: We are happy to say we have added a new paid holiday: Juneteenth. Last year, Juneteenth was recognized as a federal holiday, and we are proud to honor this important day at Blossom!

Batavia Office: In April, we won’t be renewing the lease on the Batavia office. Instead, we plan to shift our licensed files from Batavia to Buffalo. This will help us promote growth in the western part of our service area.

I am looking forward to a strong ending to the year and moving into 2022 with continued growth. All the struggles and challenges of 2021 have made us better. In the last two years, we have successfully learned to work in a completely new environment. Our need for brick-and-mortar work locations has been replaced with more hybrid and work-from-home options, allowing us flexibility to provide care throughout the region. As conditions ease and more people begin to return to the workforce, I see a very bright future for home care and more specifically our agency.

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