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2022 2nd Quarter State of the Company

By Chris Gauvin

This quarter, Blossom was able to focus on stability and structure. With no heavy regulation or program changes, everything has been pretty status quo, which is a very good thing given all the changes that took place in the past two years due to covid. Hopefully, things will remain stable given the current climate.

This quarter we were able to achieve several significant milestones. Molly Dillon, Compliance Officer, enabled Blossom to use PolicyTech, a quality assurance program, at full capacity. The Safety Manual has been updated, which led to Blossom winning the President's award, presented by Summit Insurance, for the first time! Kristina King, Accounts Receivable Specialist, converted all our outstanding invoices into entries in the QuickBooks system, allowing us to track all our financial information in a central location. Laura Zanino, Manager of Information Systems, completed a playbook for the Care Team Admins to assist with training. Chris Flagg, Accounting Manager, is digging into all financial aspects of the business and producing clean financial reports that greatly assist me and the team with the future planning of Blossom. All these achievements have made our existing foundation more efficient and the overall company stronger.

The Blossom team is continuing to give it our all, and I am excited to see how people in new positions and new hires excel. I look forward to some amazing events that are coming up, like the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Blossom/Companion Care of Rochester. I think the home care industry is on the cusp of taking a turn in a positive direction. As an organization and as a group of people, we have positioned ourselves to take advantage of that and evolve. For the near future, we are aiming to safely and responsibly get back to how we did business before covid and continuing to do what we do best: provide great service to the people we take care of!

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