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Same Company. Same Values. New Name!

A Message from CEO, Chris Gauvin:


Why We Needed a Change

When my father started Companion Care of Rochester in1997, little did he know how much it would flourish.

What started out as a small, local company providing companion care in Rochester blossomed into a regional licensed home care agency whose services now include nursing and personal care, care management, as well as being a lead fiscal intermediary.

Our service area has grown too. We now have four offices and are licensed to provide services in 18 counties throughout Western New York!

The name just didn’t fit anymore.


A New Name

We scratched our heads to think of a new name that would reflect who we’ve blossomed into, a name that expresses the kind of growth we foster in our clients and employees, a name that makes people smile.

We found one. Let us re-introduce ourselves…

We are now Blossom: Modern Home Care Solutions of Western New York.


Why Blossom?

Blossom has many meanings for us.

“Blossom” means to flourish and grow, which is exactly what we aim for with each of our clients. Whether it is home care services, care management, or CDPAP, we enable our clients to thrive.

Blossom symbolizes how we have grown as a company. It all started as a seed of an idea born out of a family struggle. The idea took root and steadily grew until we became an important part of hundreds of lives.

Blossom represents how we think of our employees. We endeavor to be a fulfilling part of their lives and a place where they can grow.

Blossom honors our roots. We’re a family company rooted in family values. This is a part of our identity that will never change. The word Blossom honors the groundwork that my father laid down to make this company what it is today. Additionally, we had our start in Rochester, the Flower City, and we’ve had several offices on or around Blossom Road in Rochester.


Why "Modern Home Care Solutions?"

Everything we do centers around the home. From home care to care management, we enable people to live healthy, stable lives in their own homes. “Modern Home Care Solutions” indicates the range of services we provide to those who need support.


Same Company. New Name.

Our new name doesn’t change who we are. We are the same company you’ve come to love. Our family is made up of the same compassionate people you’ve come to rely on. And we remain true to the same values that we started out with.

Our new name is a better fit for us, a name we can grow with! We hope you love Blossom as much as we do!

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21 lug 2021

how are you Blossom my name is Cleopas Paswani I'm a caregiver especially elderly care with certificate I'm looking for a job

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